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To end up being effective in a competitive area we call the World Wide Web, you are going to require more than a slick looking site or some elegant graphics. You’re going to require an online marketing method.




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Our skilled group will work with you to produce the digital possessions to increase site traffic and grow sales. We’ll work with you to preserve, determine and enhance those possessions with ongoing assistance.



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Possibilities are your target audience cannot either if you cannot discover it. Whether you are a brand-new organisation requiring a site or a recognized company having to rejuvenate your existing site, we have your option to obtain you your site seen, reach your audience and get you the outcomes your company requirements.


Proven Results!

As a marketing and internet consultant, Our comprehensive Web Services have assisted oil & gas independents and business professionals in successfully illustrating and marketing hundreds of millions of dollars of explorational & developmental oil and gas prospects, properties, products and services. In Addition we have brought similar results to other small business professionals in other industries.
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Jim FulpJames E. Fulp, Jr. – Owner

Jim has over 26 years in the Texas oil and gas industry.

In 1975, Jim completed studies at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He received a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication in Photo-Journalism, Cinematography, Advertizing and Television Production. His minors were in in Geology and Electrical Engr. He also completed studies toward a Masters Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology.

Previous experience includes, Production Manager of a Custom, Commercial Photographic and Production Lab in Houston, Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 multi-media corporation. From 1989 to 1994 he became involved with marketing and sales of oil & gas joint ventures. From 1995 to 2000 he served as VP-Corporate Development of an Austin based independent Oil & Gas Company. In 1999 Jim founded Focus Digital Marketing Services and is sole owner of the company.

Jim has extensive experience in the funding, development, marketing and illustration of numerous oil & gas drilling projects. He is experienced with due diligence in geological review of prospect documentation, graphics and due diligence associated with sub-surface control regarding the generation of geological map reviews and graphic montages. Jim is also experienced in the compliance issues that effect the oil and gas industry.

His comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry, will be valuable in assisting your company in delivering your message with Focus, Style, Impact and Results!

FocusArts.com – Website Design – SEO & Digital Marketing Services is a first-rate New Mexico web design firm on DigitalSpinner.com!

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